2015-10-14 09:51:59 EST

Zelune Proxy SCRIPT

Zelune proxy is what can be called, A revolutionary proxy. It is written in PHP and is free to download and use by anyone. It utilizes MySQL for a majority of the features, but it does not require MySQL to work. The reason Zelune is defined as a revolutionary proxy is because of it's features and compatibility. Other proxy scripts require PHP5, cURL or CGI, and are usually more resource-intensive. Whereas Zelune will run on a PHP4 or PHP5 enabled server, and does not require cURL. This allows for a better compression of the pages, ultimately making the Zelune Proxy Script incredibly fast, while being very light on the server's bandwidth and resources, hence it both efficient and fast.

With all the above mentioned features, zelune proxy is being considered as the fastest web proxy on the net. Zelune offers free Zelune proxy templates so anyone can download, and run their own zelune proxy server in minutes! There is a new craze to make hundreds of them, link them to each other, and let the zelune community grow. Proxies are in high demand for university students to get around filters at their schools or work environments.

Zelune proxy server